We have started our journey with the colourful dreams which make us excited and hopeful.. All of our dreams are giving a magic touch to kids& youngs rooms.

With our state of the art machinery,we are proud to create modern and functional designed furnitures according to taste of kids&youngs.

Every child has the right to grow up in a healthy and safe environment. We certainly know that these kids whose dreams come true, will become the successfull individuals in the future.

Our company which has combined the quality , safety and its 40 years experince in many sectors, create a colorful World for kids &youngs in terms of our colorful and unique Furniture designs.

Our R&D Department follow not only the developments in Turkey but also new trends all around the World, thereby creating unique Furniture designs.So we, as Rengarenk, provides a colorful life where our kids&youngs live.


To become a stong brand in the market in ways that have high standard manufacturing,take health of people and CSR seriously and serve the public good through high quality, Eco friendly products at an affordable price .


To become a leading brand in kids&youngs Furniture sector by achieving high customer satisfaction with our happy employees.

Quality Certificates